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Consulate of Ireland

Phuket, Thailand


Tel: 00 66 76 281 273

Fax: 00 66 76 384 425

5 Year Passport for Children (aged 3 - 17)

Replacement/Renewal of Irish Passport

Minor's original most recent Irish Passport

Minor's original birth certificate and original FBR certificate ( if the birth certificate is not in English, please also submit an English translation)

The Irish parents' original long form birth certificate AND Irish parents' original passport

The parents' original civil marriage certificate with an English translation which was translated by a Professional Translator (Only required for first time application)

APS 2 E Form with Section 7 and 9 to be witnessed by an appropriate person. Please complete this form in BLOCK CAPITAL using a ballpoint pen in BLACK INK . Stay within the text boxes.

3 passport sized photographs with a white background ( the reverse to be singed by the same witness as Section 9)

Cash or a Bank Draft payable to ‘ Consulate of Ireland ' - for the sum of 3,190 THB.

Process takes about 6-8 weeks upon receipt of full documentation.

Application forms are available from the Consulate.