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Consulate of Ireland

Phuket, Thailand


Tel: 00 66 76 281 273

Fax: 00 66 76 384 425

Notary Services

This service of Notary is available at the Consulate of Ireland in Phuket the cost is 1800 THB. It is always advised to call and make an appointment for this service.

Authentication of Documents/Certification of Original Documents

Please be advised that the Consulate is able to authenticate only Thai documents, which are issued in Thailand, for use in Ireland. The Consulate is unable to authenticate any Irish documents issued in Ireland.

To get Thai document(s) authenticated by the Consulate, it is required that such document(s) must first be authenticated by Thai Consular Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After having the document(s) authenticated by the Thai Authority, you should then bring the original document(s) bearing the stamp of the Thai Authority to the Consulate.

For the authenticating of Irish document for use in Thailand. Please contact the Consular Section, Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin or the Royal Thai Embassy in London for further advice.

Residency Letter

To obtain pension/income letter for applying Thai retirement/spouse visa

We can issue a letter to confirm your pension for handing to Thai Immigration in relation to apply for retirement/Spouse visa, however in order to issue this letter, Please kindly submit these following documents in original to us:

Please kindly note that we only have to see your original document and will return it all to you in the same day.